freeSSHd 1.3

freeSSHd is a free implementation of an SSH server
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If you run a remote Microsoft Windows server and you want to have full command line control over it and want in same time to be able to upload and download files from it . Then you have found what you have been looking for . In just one small application now you have a SSHD server , Telnet server , SFTP server the three in just one single program .
There are many other interesting features in this software such as the strong encryption and authentication system. freeSSHd also supports Multiple Users at the same time and Managing them from within the program apart from the operation system. You can also limit incoming connections to certain IP addresses or block bad IP addresses (wild card allowed). There is an option for logging all events and actions carried out by the remote users. The software
allows Automatic checking for new versions and Automatic without confirmation options. Security standards are provided by the Tunelling support.
In order to use this software you must be running Microsoft NT version 4.0 or later.
Conclusion : It's a wonderful software and It's all what you need to control your remote server efficiently.

Mark Adeeb
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  • 1- Three in one server program
  • 2- Multi-User support
  • 3- On the fly server adjustments


  • Doesn't offer any control over the server but only through command line
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